Is there potential within your team for higher IT Happiness or customer focus? Does your team need an enthusiasm boost?

Through workshops, presentations, training and assessment tools, we contribute to raising awareness of the importance of IT Happiness and the enthusiasm of IT management and IT employees.


Now that organizations are slowly working towards the new normal, it is a good time to physically meet for a strategic piling session in a responsible manner. Evaluate together, make plans and gain inspiration. Team building is now, perhaps more than ever, important. Time for an enthusiasm boost and an impulse to customer focus and mutual cooperation.
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In order to spread awareness about the importance of IT Happiness within the organization, it is advisable to form a group of IT Happiness ambassadors. This group usually consists of a group of committed employees with an interest in IT Happiness and is led by the Chief IT Happiness Officer. Yorizon has developed training to train these ambassadors and officer.
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Events in which we share the latest insights about the relationship between IT, Happiness, flow and enthusiasm. Scientific research, practical cases and, above all, many practical tools. The aim is inspiration and concrete ideas to continue developing IT Happiness. The events also provide access to the IT Happiness Community: an online and personal network of IT professionals. *Dutch only.
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