CUSTOM is a customized IT Survey solution for your organization.  


We completely understand that organizations may have different needs from one another. As a result, we are able to develop a custom approach for you. Our custom surveys can use any methodology (e.g. NPS, CSAT or IT-Happiness) over all possible IT survey topics for organizations of any size.

A Custom IT Survey can use questions and response categories which have been designed with your specific organizational needs in mind. This survey can include specific segmentation requirements, increased advice and support while also supporting every possible language, regardless of the character set.

There is the ability to change the questions your end users will receive based on a database provided by you. Furthermore, almost anything can be arranged in terms of reporting: PowerPoint reports, management summaries, segment reporting with automatic distribution to the appropriate people within your organization are all possibilities.

Target audiences might vary as well, e.g. IT end users, application users or business/senior management. For IT end users, different question sets can be used based on your situation and requirements, e.g.:

  • Workplace services
  • Business Applications
  • Service Desk or Local Support
  • Projects (migrations, roll-outs etc.)


We can provide you with different survey designs and approaches, such as:

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All of our surveys are anonymous and we make use of the highest data security standards.

Our online dashboard for customized surveys

You will get access to our online reporting platform allowing you to discover trends and developments, learn from the qualitative feedback and slice and dice your own data to conduct additional analyses.