BDO Nederland is a Dutch branch of an international network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms which provide professional services under the name of BDO. In the super-competitive environment of advisory firms, accuracy and speed of servicing by the Service Desk are crucial for the organization. BDO is meeting that expectation to the fullest by winning the IT Happiness Award for the Service Desk of 2016 with over 1000 end-users! Here’s a sneak peak to their recipe to success!

  1. What was your reason(s) to start measuring IT Happiness/IT satisfaction in the first place?

The reason was to find out what customers think of our support. You can believe in doing all things right but feedback of the customer is the most important. We use this feedback for a targeted search for improvements.

  1. Were the results expected? Were there any surprises?

The results were not as expected, in particular the amount of unique responses per month. We did not receive surprises only confirmations.

  1. How did the results make an impact for the organization? Which changes were made?

We immediately got in touch with the “Unhappy Bunch”. We wanted to speak to these respondents personally in order to handle negative feedback properly and really do something about it. Customers appreciate this and do feel like they’ve been heard.

  1. What are the key success factors for your IT Happiness?

In order to create IT Happiness, the Results have to always be visible and accessible. Clear and regular communication of the changes as a result of the feedback is also very important. Besides, results are discussed in individual meetings with the Service Desk employees (individual scores) to enable improvement.

“For us, IT Happiness is an “extension” to measure customer satisfaction, how we do our job and what can be improved. By tackling some trends in the feedback they may not return in future feedback. This way we are constantly striving to improve our services.

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