Frank Becker, Leiter IT St. Marien:

“We are a group of 11 hospitals and the trend is more centralisation of IT. In this phase many changes take place which of course affects the IT end user. We have to manage 5.000 users, 2.000 PC’s and 700 servers. How it exactly affects the IT end users is not known, but very important to know in order to keep improving our services and to communicate in the right way.

We have never measured IT user satisfaction before and then I came accross the IT Happiness Survey. I immediately liked the concept of a very brief survey with much room for open comments in free text format. Internally there were different opinions whether IT users would really use the free text possibility. And they did!

The process was very straightforward: after registration, we received an IT Happiness Benchmark Startup Package. This included the accompanying invitation texts which are informal and could be altered to more a formal way if needed. We sent the invitiation and survey link via e-mail. The survey was available during 3 months. After that we received a PDF report with our scores, showing us both the total level and the distribution of IT Happiness. We were positively surpised by the open comments both done by ‘Happy Users’ and ‘Unhappy’ users as well. Also the ones who are happy give us valuable feedback about the aspects which we have to maintain The IT Benchmark Happiness Survey provided very powerful insights for us which we translated to 5 key aspects which we will work on for the next period. Next year we will measure again to monitor progress and gain new insights. I would certainly recommend this survey for every IT department in or outside Germany!”