Golding team It Happiness Award - IT Happiness Organisation of the Year

Golding delivers safe, flexible and cost-effective project solutions in urban, regional and remote locations for the resources, utilities, property and transport
sectors. Established in 1942, Golding has since grown into one of the largest privately-owned civil construction and mining services companies in Queensland, Australia.

Golding has measured its IT Happiness in order to gain knowledge on the points of potential improvement. However, not only they had done that, they have won an IT Happiness award for the IT Happiness organization of the Year 2016 which we are very proud of!

Read their interview and get a jump start on your own path to IT Happiness!

  1. What was your reason to start measuring IT Happiness/IT satisfaction in the first place?

We were looking at our planning processes last year and considering how to get broad-based input from all of our users into which areas they would like to see us focus upon and improve.

  1. Were the results expected? Were there any surprises?

At our size we get good direct feedback from our users and have a reasonable awareness of their challenges.  Having said that, we could not be sure that what we were hearing was representative of everyone or just the “squeaky wheels”.  We were not really surprised by the survey results.

  1. How did the results make an impact for the organization? What changes were made?

We have used the survey results to engage with our leaders around the program of works we would like to undertake in 2017. The impact has been significant so far as it allowed us to show the areas that needed attention, as determined by our users and not just Golding IT.

  1. What are the key success factors for your IT Happiness?
  • Adopting a user-centric perspective as the foundation of everything we do
  • Having a Service Desk team that are focused on delivering outcomes and not just closing tickets
  • A positive department culture with a collective desire for continuous improvement

“The IT Happiness survey has enabled us to have a much clearer picture of how our users perceive our services and overall performance. In particular, it has enabled us to do so quickly without the need to build and maintain something custom that is outside our area of expertise.”

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