Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch IT Happiness Award Winner

Photographer: Sandra Peerenboom

Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch is a city in the southern Netherlands, the capital of the province of North Brabant. Besides being a beautiful city to visit, ’s-Hertogenbosch also has the most internal IT Happiness of all organizations with more than 1,000 end users in our benchmark. That is why the Municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch has won the IT Happiness Award for the Organization of the Year 2016! Here are some insights about their IT Happiness that they were happy to share with us!

  1. What was your reason(s) to start measuring IT Happiness/IT satisfaction in the first place?

During the first interview with IT Happiness in 2015, we were immediately convinced about the added value of a periodical satisfaction measurement for our IT policy. At that time, we had already used several instruments to measure our customer satisfaction but results’ application was delayed and only on incidental base. A monthly, short and simple survey among a variable part of our customers had to make it possible to gain faster insights and to act sharper on adjustments. Our contribution as an IT department is to facilitate, which is why it is important to know, professionally and periodically, whether it is well done.

  1. Were the results expected? Were there any surprises?

We started the survey with a ‘selfie’ to find out – how we, as IT suppliers, think that our customers perceive our performance. The results were supposed to be good, we knew it for sure. However, it turned out to be a perfect eye-opener, which we often used as a wakeup call internally. According to the first customer reviews, we estimated our reflection too optimistically. No outliers or other significant issues, but customers were a bit more critical. Additionally, thanks to the tool, we have received many open comments with loads of valuable information which led to direct improvements in our IT policy. Free advice from customers of our own organization was handled seriously.

  1. How did the results make an impact for the organization? What changes were made?

We shared the results consequently on our Intranet. Not in difficult words but in easy language. Next we came up with improvement proposals and announced some preparations needed for the future –  a list of easy things to know and added changes in manuals. We showed the importance of our customers and that we take their interest seriously.

  1. What are the key success factors for your IT Happiness?

Focused attention on IT is in general a success factor. Other factors include involvement and empathy, educated facilitation of tech, time and employees, set up of customized business processes with timely and complete communication. Based on the results of our customer satisfaction survey we monitor and improve ourselves in daily business.

A monthly, short and simple survey among a variable part of our customers had to make it possible to gain faster insights and to act sharper on adjustments.”