SSCEvery space project is unique which is one of the reasons why this business is so challenging and inspiring. SCC Group enjoy working out the best possible solution in cooperation with their customers while also going that extra mile to exceed expectations. The activities of the SSC Group cover many business areas and are built on decades of experience and perfection. SSC offer proven expertise in the development of satellite subsystems, satellite communication and operations, rocket systems, experimental payloads, and the launching of sounding rockets and high-altitude balloons.

The ambition of SSC’s IT organisation

victorViktor Lundberg, CIO:
“SSC Group is on a mission to become a leading global provider of advanced space services and to make IT a strong business value creator. We are working on building an adaptive and common IT platform that delivers secure and globally available services to efficiently support our business objectives.” – Viktor Lundberg, CIO

Using the IT-Happiness Survey

We believe that it is important to test our end users’ IT perceptions, their experiences and their happiness with the systems and support that we offer. For this we decided to choose an IT-Happiness Survey: a straight-forward 3-question survey that allowed our employees to express their opinions of our IT organisation.

Together with the IT-Happiness team we constructed two surveys for our different information needs:

  • Overall IT User Satisfaction
  • Service Desk Satisfaction

We built the surveys based on content and provided best practices which we have customised in collaboration with the IT-Happiness team. The following subjects, for example, have been included in our general IT-Happiness Survey:

  • Laptop/workstation
  • Secure portal/remote workplace
  • Printing
  • Telephone/collaboration (jabber, smartphone, fixed phone)
  • Applications
  • E-mail
  • Service Desk
  • Meeting Technology (video, telcon, conference rooms)
  • Document management
  • Purchase/ordering
  • Network/WiFi
  • Other

The Service Desk topics we have included are:

  • The quality of the solution
  • The responsiveness of the Service Desk
  • The speed of the solution offered
  • The expertise of the Service Desk staff
  • The helpfulness of the Service Desk staff
  • The friendliness of the Service Desk staff
  • The language skills of the Service Desk staff
  • Opening hours of the Service Desk
  • Accessibility of the Service Desk
  • Feedback/information about the open issue

Different regions within Sweden, Chile, Australia and Canada had their results segmented which allowed us to gain a good understand of how the perception and performance differed between each geographic segment.

Conducting the Surveys

The IT-Happiness team conducted the surveys in different time frames and to different user groups based on their location. This extra effort from their team helped us to obtain a fantastic response rate of ~32% for our Overall IT Survey.

Communication & the follow-up IT Survey

After the survey has been executed we received access to our own online reports. We are currently using our results to make continuous improvements to our IT organisation.

IT-Happiness is a very straightforward, innovative and refreshing approach. We never felt under pressure to use their best practice sets, however we found them to be extremely useful. I would recommend IT-Happiness to any organisation looking to build a user-centric, high quality IT organisation.