Waterschap Rijn en Ijssel IT Happiness AwardsWaterschap Rijn & IJssel is a water management company in the Netherlands. While taking care of more than 4,000 km of rivers, streams, and ditches, the company manages to have an incredible IT Happiness in terms of Service Desk skills. Waterschap Rijn & IJssel is an IT Happiness Award Winner for the Service Desk of the Year 2016 (less than 1000 end-users). Here are some secrets to success they have shared with us!

  1. What was your reason(s) to start measuring IT Happiness/IT satisfaction in the first place?

In 2013 we worked with a supervisor (Business Administration, MSc.) One of his activities was to introduce a methodology to survey customer satisfaction within the organization which focusses on the service of IT. This resulted in a complex tool, including the advice of a daily survey for every call. His studies revealed that IT Happiness was very helpful, and thus we continued to successfully follow his advice.

  1. Were the results expected? Were there any surprises?

Results were partly a revelation, something we didn’t expect to happen. Some of the surprising topics being the closing of calls where customers were not informed or calls which did not follow certain procedures. This was an eye opener for us to review and look into our possibilities.

  1. How did the results make an impact for the organization? What changes were made?

The organization responded enthusiastically. During the first year especially, we received a lot of feedback regarding the IT service. To jump into these changes, we looked into the “unhappy” calls monthly and if necessary we contacted the involved employee to hear his or her story. This prevents miscommunication and establishes clear expectations.

  1. What are the key success factors for your IT Happiness?

The key to our success lies in empathizing with our customers, calling directly instead of impersonal contact, face-to-face access to the Service Desk for quick questions, customer-friendly employees with good social skills. And, of course, a tool to measure the Happiness.

IT Happiness helps Waterschap Rijn en Ijssel to get IT services to an optimum level, where IT is supporting the entire process. IT also serves to accelerate offering of the new technical developments in the organization in order to improve processes. Due to IT Happiness, the IT department is able to optimize its processes in specific problem areas and show opportunities for better support and training. IT Happiness also helps to judge specific “Happy” projects, how to run future projects better and where better support is needed.

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