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We help both IT management as well as Managed Service Providers with our expertise, solutions and services to collect and report IT end user feedback. Backed up by our best practices question sets and benchmark data, we offer valuable and actionable IT management information.

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IT Happiness Benchmark

The level of IT user satisfaction, or as we call it, IT Happiness, can be compared with other companies and organizations when using our IT Infrastructure Survey.

IT Happiness Benchmark

Our IT survey questions and methodology enable benchmarking.

We have had the opportunity to work alongside firms of all shapes and sizes. Our vast experience and knowledge can be utilized within your IT organization or MSP client base.

We will provide all of our knowledge, scaling, methodologies, best-practices, professional design and benchmarking to match your information needs & objectives. Together we will determine survey frequency, which survey group to involve, sampling and the invitation / reminding process. Providing advice on reports, distribution of results to specific stakeholders, change management, IT communication and information sharing (content and channels).

Instant results – powered by QlikSense

You will get access to the online reporting platform based on QlikSense technology allowing you to discover trends and developments, learn from the qualitative feedback and slice and dice your own data to conduct additional analyses.

Management Reports

Additional to the QlikSense dashboard, we offer Powerpoint reports based on your information needs. We have created various reporting standards ranging from a 1 page management summary to fully customized reports with recommendations.

“With the results we are able to drill down on regions, countries, different user groups etc. while being able to get insights into the satisfaction, the developments over time, the performance of different business applications and the priorities. Additionally, we can compare our performance with Yorizon’s benchmark data”

Roger Bengtsson, Head of Service Delivery, Corporate IT

Alfa Laval Yorizon

A decade of experience. Expertise and advice. Best practice questionnaires. Online dashboard. Benchmark data. Actionable results.