Digitalization has a profound effect on both our work and personal lives, significantly influencing our health, productivity, and happiness. The manner in which we work, along with the prevailing culture in organizations, plays a crucial role in determining the extent and nature of this impact.

What is digital health and wellbeing?

Digital wellbeing refers to the extent to which digitalization contributes to or detracts us from our wellbeing. An organization is digitally healthy when employees experience a high level of digital wellbeing. This means that interaction with digital resources leads to an optimal balance between health, productivity and job satisfaction.

The Four Pillars of Digital Wellbeing

The Digital Wellbeing Diagnosis (DWD) will determine your organization’s level of digital wellbeing based on the four pillars below


We evaluate satisfaction with the digital workplace; the hardware, applications, tools and network.


We investigare the formal (IT service desk) and informal support (colleagues) that employees experience.


We measure employees’ digital knowledge, skills and their willingness to develop.


We measure digital behavior, such as digital distractions, offline breaks, balance in accessibility, and more.

The diagnosis will determine the practical interventions that your organization can implement immediately

What are some possible interventions?


Both small improvements in hardware, software or networks and large detail transformations can have a significant effect on digital wellbeing of employees.


Delivering accessible support, such as appointing digital coaches of IT ambassadors, appears to be a very effective and highly valued intervention.


Interventions can range from small actions, such as sharing tips about software programs to larger interventions such as entering into a digital wellness program.


Examples of behavioral interventions include implementing email etiquette, making agreements about online meetings and undergoing a digital detox.

Effective, data-based interventions

By diagnosing your organization’s digital wellbeing levels prior to an intervention and measuring its effects afterwards, you will gain a good insight into the effectiveness of the intervention. This provides information to continue and/or adjust interventions, which will contribute to a cycle of continuous improvement!

What’s in it for you?

By focusing on the four pillars of digital wellbeing, organizations can create an environment that significantly improves the satisfaction and motivation of end users as well as the digital health of the overall organization.

Digital wellbeing boosts job satisfaction, enthusiasm and motivation. It contributes to a sense of community and a harmonious atmosphere.

Digital wellbeing significantly lowers stress, such as feelings of time pressure and dry eye pains. Which ultimately contributes to a better mental state.

A digitally healthy working environment saves a lot of time and costs, ultimately boosting productivity. A balanced and skillful employee also finds the space to pick up more tasks, have room to brainstorm/innovate, or just recharge.

Employees with a high degree of digital wellbeing deliver higher quality work and make fewer mistakes.

In some work environments, mistakes can lead to serious (or fatal) consequences. More and more organizations are taking caution and measures in the use of mobile devices at the workplace.

Digital wellbeing drives adaptability to new innocations and technologies, which is an essential competitive advantage in this age.

Organizations that prioritize digital wellness attract and retain talent, creating a culture of engagement and digital health.

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