We believe IT Happiness is the most important IT KPI as it reflects on important criteria as IT Quality, IT Efficiency, IT Effectiveness and Productivity.

IT Happiness

With Happiness in IT as our central paradigm, our approach is aimed at highlighting the accomplishments of IT services while simultaneously helping both IT departments as well as MSP’s to improve the overall IT satisfaction of employees.

We help both IT management as well as Managed Service Providers achieving this with a unique set of expertise, products, solutions and services to collect and report IT end user feedback. Backed up by our best practices question sets and benchmark data, we offer valuable and actionable information.

So, why is this so important?

IT satisfaction has an impact on the productivity of the employees and therefore on the organization’s performance. But there is more: In many cases a lot of money is invested in business applications that are not used correctly or are not used at all, as well as on unnecessary requests to the Service Desk, which could have been prevented. It is a double-edged sword: possibilities for increased productivity and potentially lower costs. And last but not least: a better and more pleasant work environment, as well as a positive IT image.

End-user IT satisfaction contributes enormously to employee productivity, and in turn to the success of the business.

And there’s more:

Maybe you are thinking: “We know, from the SLA reports what % of uptime we have. We really have great KPI reports that give us information”. You might have some monitoring tools running. Don’t get us wrong: we firmly believe in objective performance information. However the missing link is the emotion with IT perceived from all employees. This is what we call: IT Happiness. We provide you this missing link in order for you to improve or change your products, services, IT communication and applications.

IT end user satisfaction is not just ‘nice to have’, but necessary for the performance of your entire organization. 

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