Transform your organization with actionable insights on digital end-user experience and digital well-being

Digital well-being starts with digital workplace experience. We help your organization to gain in-depth insight into the digital experience of employees. We provide insights into 4 key areas:

Digital Workplace Experience

Ensure satisfaction with all aspects of the digital workplace to maximize productivity and efficiency.

IT Support Experience

Prioritize satisfaction with IT support to minimize disruptions and ensure smooth operations.

Digital Skills & Needs

Assess the level of digital skills and identify opportunities for growth and development to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Behaviour – usage of technology

Promote healthy use of technology to foster a positive and productive work environment.

Our IT Happiness Program provides you with valuable and actionable insights into the digital workplace experience

Managed End User Survey

IT Questionnaire

Dashboards & Reports



We have spent years researching and implementing the best practices in this field.


With over two decades of expertise, we serve organizations of all sizes, globally. Our diverse customer base spans numerous industries and includes both for-profit and non-profit organizations.


Our team continuously monitors progress and maintains open communication with you, providing ongoing support throughout the entire research journey.

Specialized team of IT & research professionals.

Our dedicated project managers and project support specialists are equipped with knowledge to help guide you through each step of the research process.

Personal touch.

We’re proud to offer personalized, hands-on support to help bring your project to life. With our advanced automated processes, and a team that’s always ready to work closely with you, you can trust Yorizon to deliver unparalleled results.


Our ISO 27001 certified tools guarantee secure and accurate data collection, while our state-of-the-art dashboards powered by QlikSense provide a clear and comprehensive view of your research results.


Our benchmark data will give you valuable insights into your current performance and help you identify areas of improvement to reach the pinnacle of IT satisfaction.

Cutting-edge methodology and survey set

Tried and tested question sets and questionnaires. Decades of experience to design a questionnaire that prioritizes information value, efficiency, accessibility and convenience.


We consistently explore advancements in the relationship between people and technology through research and leverage scientific findings to inform our work.

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We are privileged for the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of exceptional companies and organizations.

Documentation IT Happiness Scan
Documentation IT Happiness Scan