The ultimate way to understand the perceptions of your IT end users or business stakeholders on a regular basis.


The FREQUENT survey is the ultimate way to understand the perceptions of your IT end users or business stakeholders on a regular basis. This option will provide you with frequent insights, developments, trends and observations of your IT user or customer satisfaction over time. These ‘trend surveys’ do not require input from an IT end user more than once per year as we make use of a clever sample based on your chosen frequency. The FREQUENT uses a standard approach but with usage of any methodology (NPS, CSAT or IT-Happiness) and IT survey topics. The FREQUENT is suitable for any organization size.


Your first survey, also known as a baseline, is a great opportunity to involve your IT team by conducting a SELFIE. During this process, your IT team is asked to step into the shoes of the IT end user and answer what they believe the IT end user satisfaction to be. The gap in this analysis will provide you with the ‘real’ IT user satisfaction versus the internally perceived user satisfaction.


Our team carries out the entire survey process; sampling, communication and the invitations being sent to your end users or business stakeholders are all things that we will take care of. This leaves you with the sole job of observing the data held within our online Dashboard.

IT Survey


Our surveys are proven and tested with our latest generation technology, having been designed while thinking about:

  • Your end users’ time: The majority of our surveys will only take a minute to fill out
  • Your time: Our surveys have been designed in a very powerful way and can be customised with minimum effort
  • Design: Good looking surveys with easy-to-read, high contrast screens suitable for any device
  • Capturing both the improvement potential as well as the IT strengths
  • Balanced usage of simple closed questions as well as powerful open questions
  • Accommodating best-practice question sets for your convenience
  • Anonymity and usage of the highest data security standards


You will get access to our online reporting platform allowing you to discover trends and developments, learn from the qualitative feedback and slice and dice your own data to conduct additional analyses.

IT Kundendienst Umfrage


Additional to our online Dashboard, we have easy-to-print PDF reports available to you.

  • Is your IT organisation continuously changing and would you like to keep track on what your users are thinking?
  • Are you interested in knowing the extent to which your improvements contributed to the perception of end user happiness within your IT organisation?
  • Would you like to start with a baseline measurement and keep monitoring the developments over time?
  • Do you have a requirement in your SLA to report on end user and customer satisfaction?
  • Are you looking to conduct a frequent survey but find that you’re lacking the resources or knowledge to do this properly?


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