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We will keep conducting frequent surveys with Yorizon to keep learning and acting upon the results in a continuously changing IT workplace.

Oliver Guyer | Head of IT Service & Process Management, Tamedia AG

We’d like to maintain high level of IT services quality, which generates greater productivity, collaboration and creativity.

Guillaume GALASSO | IT Operations Director, Damartex Group

In the free intake session, we will discuss following topics in order to advise you on a roadmap for your organization.

  • Where is the IT organization positioned?
  • How do employees in different functions work with IT?
  • How is the organization structured by region, department and location?
  • What does the digital workplace look like and which technology, infrastructure, tools and applications in use are the most important?
  • What is the focus and/or short to medium-term vision of the IT organization?
  • Where do the management’s priorities lie and are they in line with the end user’s priorities?
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