IT Boostcamp

Time for an enthusiasm boost and an impulse to customer focus and mutual cooperation.

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What is the IT Boostcamp?

Partly thanks to IT, the Netherlands has weathered the first blow of the Corona crisis well. The transition to mass working from home has been surprisingly smooth, according to research by Yorizon. The challenge is more in terms of motivation and team spirit than in technology. Now that organizations are slowly working towards the new normal, it is a good time to physically meet for a strategic piling session in a responsible manner. Evaluate together, make plans and gain inspiration. But also away from home, eating together and face to face contact (of course 1.5 meters away). Team building is now, perhaps more than ever, important. Time for an enthusiasm boost and an impulse to customer focus and mutual cooperation. Everything in a Corona-proof environment.

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    Prior to the IT Boostcamp, participants are asked to complete the Strategic IT Management Assessment (SIMA).

    The IT Boostcamp has been developed for IT Teams and consists of the following modules:

    Personal enthusiasm

    Dynamics within the IT (Management) Team

    Customer focus towards end users

    Rijn conducts research into the relationship between IT and happiness. In this context, he and Erasmus University conducted a meta-analysis on 34 scientific articles describing the relationship between IT and happiness. He also interviewed CIOs and other IT experts and supervised a large benchmark study among over 186 IT managers. Rijn shares these insights, but above all offers a wealth of inspiration. So don’t expect a boring scientific story. His enthusiasm theory is brought to life with examples from music, sports and business. The combination of scientific insights about enthusiasm, flow and happiness and the results of the research for Yorizon offers interesting starting points for every IT organization.

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