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What is the IT Happiness Benchmark?

The IT Happiness Benchmark was developed by Yorizon to provide MSPs with insight into the experiences that employees of MSP customers (the IT end users) have with the digital workplace. With which we can offer you and your team appropriate support and improvements where necessary.

Frequent insights, developments, trends and observations of the digital experience

IT Happiness Questionnaire

Use the best practice IT Happiness questionnaire content and layout for end-user satisfaction with the digital workplace.

Base measurement and Monitor Program

Knowledge, technology, methodologies and professional design to meet your information needs and objectives.

Dashboard & Benchmarks

Interactive reports and dashboards including benchmark data with which you have a complete story for yourself as well as for your customer.

Interpretation & knowledge sharing

Interpretation of the results in periodic one-to-one web meetings or in groups with your customer. Knowledge sharing to stimulate actions.

The IT Happiness questionnaire is the basis on which the IT Happiness Benchmark is based.

Yorizon survey demo

The topics of the IT Happiness Benchmark questionnaire:

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You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

By using our proven questions and concepts, you gain access to our benchmark data. With which you can quickly take steps towards further improvement.

Yorizon survey demo We off you short good looking suverys for targeted user groups. You will find that it is more effective to invite end users to a short questionnaire several times a year than to have them participate in a long and boring survey once a year.

We deploy a proven 6-point scale, so users don’t have to choose the middel path.

Each question is presented on one page. If the user is satisfied or ‘happy’ with a particular aspect, the next question appears. If the user is not satisfied, an in-depth question appears to quickly get to the core of dissatisfaction.

Ideally, your organization has a feedback loop that includes both dissatisfaction and positivity. This gives your organization a healthy mix of critical and positive reactions.  The chance of a flow is much greater if the enhusiastic reactions are also received and fed back to operational level. By analyzing why high scores are achieved in some areas you can also learn why things are going better than expected.

Proven and recommended approach


  • Tuning generic measuring instrument, usable for all customers
  • Review customer-specific questions
  • Programming, testing questionnaire
  • Determine target group segmentation
  • Ensuring data privacy, whitelisting survey platform


  • 1st survey per customer, involving ≥50%  of end users
  • Followed by daily invitations via intelligent sampling
  • Maximum 2 invitations per end-user per year
  • Dashboard access (online trend) including training
  • Monthly PDF reports
  • Completely unburdened


Proven questionnaire for the digital workplace
Implementation of segments (customers, regions, departments)
Survey- & communication-templates
Sample management
Full implementation: distribution of invitations and reminders
Access to online dashboard (QlikSense technology)
PPT reporting at baseline, including benchmarks
Monthly management reports & benchmarks
Interpretation & knowledge sharing via online meetings


Adjusting the content
Awareness programs / workshops
Mirror research (SELFIE): perception according to MSP employees
Multiple languages ​​- all possible
Custom reports in corporate identity
Additional user licenses for access to the dashboard
Qualitative analysis of the open comments
Additional dashboard training
Activation programs & workshops

All research results are accessible via an online platform (YORT), developed on QlikSense® technology. YORT is intended to monitor the quality of IT services, giving general insight into the IT performance and the possibility to zoom in on the details within different customers / groups of users.

Use benchmark data included in our IT Happiness Benchmark Program

IT Questionnaire

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