IT Happiness Benchmark: your managed all-in-one IT Survey.

Understand, learn and improve: listen to the end users

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The IT Happiness Benchmark has been developed by Yorizon in order to give IT departments insight in the experiences that IT end users have with the digital workplace.  With which you and your team can offer appropriate support and improvements where necessary. 


IT Happiness Program

Frequent insights, developments, trends and observations of the digital experience.

 IT Happiness Questionnaire

Make use of the best practice IT Happiness questionnaire content & format for end user satisfaction with the digital workplace.

Baseline and Monitor Program

Knowledge, technology, methodologies, best-practices, professional design and benchmarking to match your information needs & objectives..

Dashboard, Reports and benchmarks

Compelling interactive reports and dashboards including benchmark data that enable you to see the whole story in your data.

Interpretation & knowledge sharing

Interpretation of results by our specialists in frequent one-to-one web meetings. Knowledge sharing in to drive actions.

The IT Happiness Questionnaire is the foundation on which the IT Happiness Benchmark program was originally built.

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IT Happiness Benchmark Questionnaire key subjects: 

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There is no need to invent the wheel again 

Using our scales and concepts that have been proven will allow you to gain access to benchmarking capabilities.

Yorizon survey demoWe offer you short, good looking surveys for targeted user groups using personal communication as much as possible. You will find that it is more effective asking your end users to complete a short survey than it is to have them compete a lengthy and boring one once per year.

We’ve opted for a Proven 6-point scaling which avoids users to choose the ‘middle’ path.

Each question will be shown on one page. If the user is satisfied or ‘happy’ with a certain aspect, the next question appears. If the user is not happy, an in-depth question will appear.

Ideally, an organization will have set up a feedback loop that captures both dissatisfaction and enthusiasm. As a result, the organization receives a healthy mix of critical and positive reactions. The chance of achieving flow is much greater when the enthusiastic reactions are also captured and fed back to the operational level. By analyzing why high marks are scored in some areas, you can also learn why things are going better than expected

Proven and recommended approach 


  • Startup: alignment, programming, testing and launch
  • 1 survey wave involving ≥ 50% of end user base
  • Dashboard access (online report)
  • Baseline report
  • Managed service


  • Daily sampled survey invites
  • Max 2 survey invites per end user per year
  • Dashboard access (online trend report)
  • Monthly PDF reports
  • Managed service


Proven IT questionnaire for the digital workplace
Implementation of segments (regions, businesses, job roles)
Survey communication templates
Survey sample management
Full service execution: distribution of survey invites & reminders
Access to your online dashboard (QlikSense technology)
PPT report for Baseline survey & benchmarks
Monthly IT Management reports & benchmarks
Interpretation & knowledge sharing through web meetings


Content customization
Awareness program / workshops
Mirror assessment (SELFIE): IT staffs’ internal view
Multiple languages – any language
Customized reports in corporate identity
Additional user licenses for dashboard access
Qualitative open comments analyses
Additional dashboard training
Activation program / workshops

Attractive reports and dashboards to provide valuable and actionable information.

All survey findings are accessible through an online platform, which is powered by QlikSense® technology. YORT is for IT managers to monitor performance within their IT environment, giving them both a high level view as well as the ability to drill down into the granular details of the IT performance.

IT Happiness Benchmark: the must-have indicator for every IT manager.

Make use of benchmark data which are included in our IT Happiness Benchmark Program.

IT Questionnaire

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