Keep track on the involvement, enthusiasm and commitment of your IT Staff

IT Staff Engagement Questions | Online survey | Satisfaction & E-NPS score | Benchmarks | Management reports | Consultancy program for IT staff engagement & flow 



The pride of your IT team and the extent to which the IT employees feel loyal and connected is crucial for your IT organization. They make sure your IT end user receives an excellent IT service and work closely together with the business to meet business needs. Yorizon developed a way to keep track on the happiness of your IT staff and to work together towards increased job satisfaction, engagement and even enthusiasm and flow. 

Frequent insights, developments, trends and observations of the IT staff satisfaction.

 IT Staff Engagement Questionnaire

Make use of the best practice questionnaire content & format for IT Staff satisfaction, engagement and enthusiasm.

Proven employee engagement survey

Knowledge, technology, methodologies, best-practices, professional design and benchmarking to match your information needs & objectives.

Dashboard, Reports and benchmarks

Compelling interactive reports and dashboards including benchmark data that enable you to define objectives and actions.

Interpretation & knowledge sharing

Interpretation of results by our specialists in frequent one-to-one web meetings. Knowledge sharing in to drive actions.

Key subjects: 

Attractive reports and dashboards to provide valuable and actionable information.

All survey findings are accessible through an online platform, which is powered by QlikSense® technology. This will provide you the insights in the priorities for your IT organization both at organizational level as well as organizational segments (locations, countries etc.).