What is the IT Happiness Platform?
The IT Happiness Platform is developed for IT departments and for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) that want to measure and improve the satisfaction with IT services. With the IT Happiness Platform it is possible to create one or multiple surveys for one or multiple organizations. Surveys created within the IT Happiness Platform can be launched either via the Platform or through your distribution channel of choice to the IT end users in the organization or in the client organization (for MSP’s: seats). All survey results can be accessed and analyzed using the Platform dashboard. The IT Happiness Platform is suitable for organizations with up to 1,000 IT end users / 5,000 seats (for MSP’s)

What company is behind the IT Happiness Platform?
The IT Happiness Platform is a product that is created by Yorizon BV based on decades of experience in the field of satisfaction research. Yorizon specialises in IT Happiness awareness, monitor and activation programs making use of surveys, benchmarking and workshops. Yorizon has its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In what languages is the IT Happiness Platform available?
The IT Happiness Platform wizard is currently available in English. Surveys can be created in multiple languages according to availability.

Is my data in the IT Happiness Platform safe?
Absolutely. All of the information which goes between our servers and the survey respondents is exchanged through HTTPS. All information is saved on EU datacentres (The Netherlands) which are all certified according to the industry standards for quality, reliability and safety.

What kind of support can I expect?
Our team is available via chat and email during office hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm (CET / Amsterdam time) in the Dutch and English languages. During these hours we generally answer all messages within 1 hour. Contact us.

Do you offer a Free Trail?
Yes, the Free Trial offers you all the features of the paid versions but with a few limitations. Please go to your account overview in order to see what is included in the Free Trial.

What happens after the 14 days Free Trial period?
After the 14 days Free Trial period there is no tacitly paid extension. It is then up to you to decide whether you would like to continue using the paid IT Happiness Platform services via one of the month subscription packages.    

Do I have to pay as soon as I start creating my IT Happiness survey?
No, you can configure and test your survey first. Once you’re happy with it and you’d need the possibilities of the subscription packages, you can order and pay online. 

What is included in the subscription packages?
All paid subscription packages offer the following:

  • Template questionnaires available in multiple languages
  • 3 background templates to choose from
  • Upload company logo
  • Change the question labels
  • Change the segmentation names and categories
  • Change the application names
  • Schedule survey invites or use hyperlink for your preferred distribution channel
  • Add additional end users to a live survey
  • Trend surveys
  • Online dashboard with data export possibilities

What are different subscription packages and prices?
We offer 3 packages for IT departments and 3 packages for IT Service Providers / Managed Services Providers (MSP’s):

IT Manager SMALL: Maximum 100 survey invites per month. Suitable for organizations with 50-250 IT end users: € 95/month 

IT Manager MEDIUMMaximum 250 survey invites per month. Suitable for organizations with 250-500 IT end users: €195/month. 

IT Manager LARGE: Maximum 500 survey invites per month. Suitable for organizations with 500-1,000 IT end users: €395/month.

MSP SMALLMaximum 100 survey invites per month. Suitable for smaller IT service providers with a maximum of 1,000 seats and with the possibity to create 10 sub accounts. Each sub account enables your responsible client manager to run surveys for a specific client or client group. € 395/month 

MSP MEDIUM: Maximum 500 survey invites per month. Suitable for medium sized IT service providers with a maximum of 2,500 seats and with the possibity to create 25 sub accounts. Each sub account enables your responsible client manager to run surveys for a specific client or client group. € 695/month  

MSP LARGE: Maximum 1,000 survey invites per month. Suitable for large IT service providers with a maximum of 5,000 seats and with the possibity to create 50 sub accounts. Each sub account enables your responsible client manager to run surveys for a specific client or client group. € 1095/month  


  IT Manager SMALL       IT Manager MEDIUM  IT Manager LARGE       MSP SMALL                 MSP MEDIUM            MSP LARGE            
Maximum number of
survey invites
per month
100  250 500 100  500  1000 
Number of sub accounts  N/A  N/A  N/A  10  25  50 
Price per month  € 95  € 195  € 395  € 395  € 695  € 1095 

Can I order in currencies other than Euros?
Yes. When you pay online, Euros will automatically be converted into your currency according to that day’s exchange rates.

What are the payment options?
We offer credit card options while certain countries can also utilize banking services such as iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister Cash, Belfius Direct and Sofort.

Can I only pay online?
No, you don’t necessarily need to pay online. If you contact us, we are happy to send you an order confirmation and billing through manual invoice. When your payment has been received, you will get a message instructing you that you your package is ready to use.

Can I start distributing the survey as soon as I’ve paid?
Yes, absolutely; however, we do recommend sending out a message from your department announcing the survey before you move forward.



What can I do with my account after I have signed up?
After you have signed up you are able to create and send out IT Happiness surveys according to the 14 days Free Trial.

Can I invite colleagues to create surveys as well?
Yes you can! Via the tab MY Happiness Family you can invite your colleague(s) to make use of the IT Happiness Platform as well.

What type of accounts are offered? 

Account type  Features 
Administrator  All features available 
Survey owner  All features available for creating surveys 
Analist  Only access to survey results 

What are subaccounts (MSP only)?
Subaccounts are developed for MSP account managers or service delivery managers in order to create and send out different surveys to 1 or more clients.

Is it easy to create a survey?
Sure! We have made the survey creation process quick & easy for you. By following our straight-forward steps your survey can be ready in less than 5 minutes.

Are there survey templates available?
Yes we have multile survey templates availble for you which you can edit. More templates will follow along the way

Can I create a custom layout?
Within the IT Happiness Platform you will have the ability to choose out of three layout templates. Furthermore it is possible to upload a company logo per survey. For any other customization please contact us.

Can I select a subset of the pre-defined questions?
Yes, you can select the questions that apply to your organization. 

Can I change the questions or add other questions?
It is possible to change the pre-defined questions. However keep in mind that changing questions might affect the possibility to compare your score vs. the IT Happiness benchmark. In case you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

Can I divide users into specific groups?
Yes, 3 different segmentation groups can be used. The segmentation group templates are department, positions and countries. Both department and positions can be renamed for custom segmentation purposes.

Why should I use segmentation?
If you want to see the results per country, department, position or any other group, segmentation is an interesting function to activate. In addition, segmentation helps you to compare the satisfaction of users between different countries, departments and job levels.


What is the best way for me to test the survey?
It is best to at least go over the survey screen yourself after hitting the ‘show test survey’ button. If necessary, you can ask one or more colleagues that are also involved in the survey process to do the same.

  • Check whether the email sent from ITHappiness.com to yourself and/or your colleague(s) is received (correctly). If the message is not received or goes to the SPAM folder, make sure the domain ithappiness.com is whitelisted on the email server. The following mail servers are used for sending out e-mails:
External IP Hostname mail01.dubinterviewer.com mail02.dubinterviewer.com
  • Check whether the images are shown correctly in the email. If this is not the case, activate the setting on your mail server for automatic downloading of images for emails sent from ithappiness.com.
  • Ensure that the survey link is accessible to everyone within the organization. To be sure, https://survey.ithappiness.com should at least be whitelisted and ideally the same is done for all the sub-domains of ithappiness.com in order for the site to work properly.  Subdomains:
    • ithappiness.com
    • survey.ithappiness.com
    • media.ithappiness.com
    • my.ithappiness.com
    • cmd.ithappiness.com

Which options to invite my audience are there?
There are two options:

  1. Use a hyperlink.
    After your survey hyperlink is created you can distribute it through your communication channel of choice (e-mail, Teams, Slack, Sharepoint, G Suite, Service Desk tool, etc.)
  2. Upload your list of end users.
    You can import the list of end users which you would like to send the survey to. The IT Happiness Platform takes care of sending out the survey to the end users.You can switch your preferred distribution method up until scheduling the survey for launch.

In case of uploading my user list: what information do I need to upload?
You only need to upload a file containing the email addresses of your recipients. This file can be an Excel or CSV file.

Do I have to invite everyone from my organization?
It is best to invite everyone who is connected to the subjects in the survey in one way or another as this will give you a good starting point for any future surveys. At the same time, this will ensure that no one will feel excluded. If your organization has > 1,000 users/seats we advise to take a monthly sample of 1/12 of the population. Each user will be invited once per year then.

Once I have uploaded the user file will the survey invitations be sent out right away?
Once the user file is uploaded you can specify when you would like the surveys to be sent out. The survey will only become live once you have agreed to.

What should it say in the pre-announcement?
3-5 days before the survey will be sent to the users, we advise you to send out a pre-anouncement to the users. It would be best to create a brief text with at least the following information:

  • Why you’re looking to do an IT Happiness survey
  • Who will be conducting the survey
  • What is expected from the end user to do
  • What the survey results will be used for


How do I get insight into the results/responses?
Once the first response has been received, you are able to follow the results via the IT Happiness Platform online dashboard.

Approximately what response can I expect?
All organizations are unique, but based on experience with many other organizations the response varies between 20-70%. The better the survey is pre-announced the better the response will be.

What are the benchmarks based on?
The benchmark is the average % Happiness of the past month and is based on the weighted average scores of all the IT users that have completed the IT Happiness survey.

How are the open comments shown?
The open comments are shown in the so-called ‘Word Clouds’ as well as comment tables.

For how long will I have access to the results?
After completion of the survey, you will permanently have access to the application and your results via the online dashboard.

Can I export the results?
Yes, the results can be exported to Excel, CSV or HTML-table.

How do I get insight into the results/responses?
Once the first response has been received, you are able to follow the results via the IT Happiness Platform online dashboard. 

Approximately what response can I expect?
All organizations are unique, but based on experience with many other organizations the response varies between 20-70%. The better the survey is pre-announced the better the response will be. 

What are the benchmarks based on?
The benchmark is the average % Happiness of the past month and is based on the weighted average scores of all the IT users that have completed the IT Happiness survey.   

How are the open comments shown?
The open comments are shown in the so-called ‘Word Clouds’ as well as comment tables. 

For how long will I have access to the results?
After completion of the survey, you will permanently have access to the application and your results via the online dashboard. 

Can I export the results?
Yes, the results can be exported to Excel, CSV or HTML-table. 

The survey is done. What happens next?

  • Consider the first measurement (also called a baseline measurement) as a start for improvement and setting goals. Don’t set your goals too high; changes are only seen after some time. It is better to take small steps in the right direction than to set unfounded goals that will cause frustration when not reached. Both IT departments and IT users have the tendency to see the glass ‘half-empty’ and list everything that is not going well; we recommend that you pay attention to what is going well, based on the list of compliments which motivates the IT employees and provides a better view of the actual perception of the IT user.
  • Try to measure on a regular basis. By conducting regular surveys, the IT department will keep a much better grip on what is going on, especially considering how fast changes are happening within organizations. Depending the organization size follow up surveys can be conductd bi-yearly, quarterly or even monthly. We would be more than happy to advise, please contact us.
  • Share the results with the entire organization. Use internal (or external) communication professionals that can share the right message with the correct target group (e.g. by using infographics). Remember to communicate both within the IT team and to the user what actions were taken. Do not create expectations that are too high, but instead communicate it as a continuous improvement process which the IT Happiness survey greatly contributed to. Use the positive comments or compliments taken from the IT user open text feedback to demonstrate the actions taken.
  • Utilise positive feedback to celebrate the improvement with the various IT teams, in a way that suits the organization’s culture.