At Yorizon, we prioritize digital wellbeing and believe it will be a top priority for organizations in the coming years.

Our mission is to promote wellbeing for individuals and organizations by researching the interaction between technology and people and providing insights to enhance understanding how technology contributes to IT happiness, productivity and health.

Digital wellbeing is becoming increasingly important for organizations, particularly as remote work and digital technologies continue to shape the modern workplace. Digital wellbeing refers to the healthy use of technology, sustainable technology habits and reduction of digital overload.

It’s important to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the changing needs of your organization and employees. The benefits of technology in both personal and professional life are undeniable, including improved work experiences, increased productivity and even overall happiness. However, it’s crucial to also recognize the potential drawbacks, such as productivity loss, frustration and even stress and burnout, and proactively address them. As an (IT) leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure your organization benefits from technology while also promoting digital well-being for all stakeholders.

Digital wellbeing is the key to achieving higher digital employee experience, reducing work-related stress, and ultimately increasing productivity. We have defined digital wellbeing consisting of four key components:

Digital Workplace Experience

User experience with various digital platforms, software applications, communication tools, collaboration systems, and any other digital resources.

IT Support Experience

The quality of IT support provided by the IT department or team to end-users. It encompasses the entire user journey when seeking assistance with technology-related issues, inquiries, or requests.

Digital Skills & Needs

Assess the level of digital skills and identify opportunities for growth and development to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Behaviour – usage of technology

Promote healthy use of technology to foster a positive and productive work environment.

By integrating digital wellbeing into your organization’s culture, you can obtain valuable insights into the health of your IT organization and pinpoint areas for enhancement. Investing in digital wellbeing unlocks the full potential of your IT organization, resulting in enhanced digital employee experience and improved productivity.

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