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Tamedia is the leading private media group in Switzerland. With its news sites and digital platforms, Tamedia reaches more than three quarters of all people living in Switzerland, and two out of three read a newspaper or magazine published by the media group on a regular basis. The company counts approximately 3,400 employees in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg and Serbia. The founding family stills holds a majority stake in the company which has been listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange since 2000.

Tamedia’s IT infrastructure and media applications are the day-to-day engine for the success of the company. They should operate on the highest level and therefore the perception of the approximate 3,000 IT end users within Tamedia and the way these employees use technology are crucial components for the company’s IT to continuously keep improving.

We were happy to be able to adapt their framework.

Olivier Guyer, Head of IT Service & Process Management: “We have had experience in measuring IT end user satisfaction in the past and since 2017, we have been working with Yorizon. In the early conversations we had with them, they presented their approach and formats that allowed enough flexibility to adapt the content to our situation at Tamedia. We were happy to be able to adapt their framework which they already use for many other companies, including headquarters in Switzerland.

Basically, Yorizon’s team drafted a first questionnaire which consisted of our input from previous surveys and they converted that into their best practice format. The questionnaire was held in a sleek and modern as well as a very user-friendly design. Furthermore, it was set-up in both German and French in order for our IT end users – namely our employees – to choose their preferred language.

We are proud to mention that we’ve achieved an excellent response rate on our survey of nearly 47%. According to Yorizon, this is a very good outcome and it shows the involvement of our IT end users and the quality of our internal communication.

Of course, this fact alone is no guarantee that the actual results of the questionnaire are equally good. But in fact, we are very happy with the results of this new baseline survey in which we achieved a general satisfaction of around Yorizon’s benchmark. However, more important than a general average is to have knowledge of the different topics and the comparison to the benchmark as well. We have a clear insight into the topics which need attention and improvement and the ones we need to maintain at the current level. The reports clearly indicated the attributes which caused the (dis)satisfaction. The questionnaire was built in a way that in-depth questions were raised whenever the end user was not happy.

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We’ve achieved an excellent response rate of nearly 47%.

We will keep conducting frequent surveys with Yorizon to keep learning and acting upon the results in a continuously changing IT workplace.

The open comments our users stated in the questionnaire enable us to better understand the way they use technology and it gives us the opportunity to analyze the results even better. The results were provided in two ways: a management summary in Powerpoint and access to an online dashboard based on QlikView technology. Since we have internal IT stakeholders, we’ve been using the raw data as well in order to convert them to our own communication formats. The main advantage was that – by preparing the communication of the results and corresponding actions plans – we got very much involved and aware of the results.

We are well aware that gaining feedback from the IT end users working in our company is crucial to be able to continuously improve ourselves, gain productivity and reduce unnecessary costs as well as for being able support our professionals in doing a great job for our customers. We will keep conducting frequent surveys with Yorizon to keep learning and acting upon the results in a continuously changing IT workplace.”