The relationship between happiness and IT is becoming increasingly noticable. Not only in society, but also in our businesses and even in our personal lives. IT provides convenience but also often causes frustration and anxiety. Yorizon’s mission is to raise awareness of the impact IT has on people working in any organisation.

This has caused us to ask the question: “How is IT and happiness in general related?”In order to find out we have asked Mr. Rijn Vogelaar, speaker, writer and trainer in the area of the dynamics of enthusiasm to study this.

Rijn states: “Together with the Erasmus University we will execute a meta-analysis based on various scientific publications on this subject. In addition to this, I am going to interview a number of CIO’s, CTO’s and other IT Management and experts about IT and happiness.We would love to keep you updated about this research. But there is more: you can also participate in this research! If you would you like to share your ideas or you know somebody with an interesting vision about IT and happiness, then please let us know. Please send an e-mail to info@yorizongroup.com or use the contactform.