How happy are your end users with the IT Support Desk?

Ask a random employee how they feel about your IT services and we bet that they quickly start talking about the IT Support Desk.

  • “I have to explain my issue to different service desk employees over and over again”
  • “Sometimes I can’t work for hours…”
  • ”I needed my problem fixed urgently but the IT Service Desk took too long to respond”

The IT Support Desk is the most visible part of the organisation for your IT end users and is often seen as identical to the entire IT organisation, for good reason too. A poor performing support desk can often accentuate IT problems that you may have within your organisation while a well performing service desk has the ability to mitigate them; delivering value not only to IT but to all facets of your organisation.
But, what makes a service desk a well performing one? In our opinion, that’s determined by the IT end user, thus the internal client of the service desk. Having a clear understanding of IT Service Desk satisfaction is paramount as this has proved time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to measure its performance.

Push your IT Support Desk to the next level

Provided a survey has been well executed, everybody understands ‘satisfaction’ and the results therefore create the basis for future improvement. At IT-Happiness we take this a step further, we would like to see all IT end users enthusiastic about the IT Support Desk. We believe that by providing a platform for IT users to express themselves, whether that is by giving compliments, suggestions, or negative feedback, we can help to push your service desk to the next level.