Anthony Smith, Head of ICT – at UKWM:

“We have looked at different ways to get information from our ICT end users concerning the perception of  ICT performance. Because of its simplicity, the straightforward way the IT-Survey is delivered to users, and the availability of a benchmark, we chose to embrace the IT Happiness Benchmark.

After registration, we received an IT Happiness Benchmark Startup Package. This included the accompanying invitation text, and of course the link itself to distribute to our end users. We informed all employees in advance about the purpose of this brief survey, and then  sent them the invitiation and survey link via e-mail. We accopmanied the intial email with a poster campaign at our offices, and a couple of follow up emails, and within only 6 weeks we had enough responses and we were able to complete the survey. We received a PDF report with our scores, showing us both the total level and the distribution of IT Happiness. The good result shows us that we are on track. With the comments on the open questions, we also have been able to gain more in-depth insights. The ICT users found the idea of just asking 2 questions universally positive.  People seem to like having the opportunity to give feedback, and they liked the short and focussed format.

The IT Benchmark Happiness Survey provided very powerful insights for us as well as the potential to maintain and improve the level of ICT services. The IT Happiness Benchmark is an absolute must for ICT departments as a fun  and highly effective way to egage with our ICT  user community and  gain invaluable insights into ICT customer satisfaction. Highly recommended!”

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