Yorizon has launched the first global platform for standardized measurement of IT quality. The platform allows SMEs with a limited budget to measure the perception and satisfaction with IT products and solutions (both quantitative as well as in-depth insights) and benchmark against many other organizations.

IT Happiness 4 steps

About the tool.

The tool is called IThappiness.com and uses the 10 most commonly used IT quality drivers. The methodology of the survey has been set up in a way that every IT department of any organization worldwide can use ITHappiness.com to measure its perceived IT performance and to compare it with other organizations. Results are presented via an integrated online dashboard. Currently, the number of participated end users is more than 750 000. The top 3 aspects in which the average user identifies possibilities for improvements: 1) (mobile) devices 2) ordering process 3) information on disruptions. Usually, companies do not know they have problems with these seemingly ordinary services that are extremely important for everyday business nonetheless. The experience of the IT end user is an extremely important indicator of IT quality. Insights contribute to decision making in IT management.

Why we did it.

Wouter van den Bosch, co-founder and director of Yorizon: “In our discussions with IT Management during the last decade, we frequently experience a lack of management information to improve IT quality and initiate the right innovations or investments. We developed a tool which could be as effective and affordable to every company across the globe striving for excellence in their IT operations. Not only large corporate companies but smaller organizations as well”.


The current IThappiness.com platform is just the beginning: with an expanding database of companies, IT end users, vertical industries and other variables, Yorizon’s ambition is to become the ultimate source for IT managers to monitor and improve IT quality within their organizations.

Cees-Pieter den Hartog, co-founder and director of Yorizon: “In our long-term vision, we will expand our platform to enable IT management to exchange ideas, experiences in their journey towards a high quality and continuously improving IT organization”.

More information?

More information about IThappiness.com: www.ithappiness.com

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