Privacy Statement

Thank you for your interest in the IT End User Satisfaction survey and especially in how your feedback is being processed.

This IT End User Satisfaction survey is conducted by Yorizon, which is an acknowledged and independent Osborne Clarke partner. Yorizon is a company specialized company in managed IT Survey Services for over a decade. Yorizon and Osborne Clarke take data security very seriously. More information about this survey project can be found on the Osborne Clarke intranet.

All survey data will be used and processed in accordance with applicable law, and the employee privacy notice applicable to you, if any. In case of any conflict between the confidentiality notice and the employee privacy notice applicable to you, the employee privacy notice will control. Results are reported to Osborne Clarke on an aggregated basis in Yorizon’ s analytics environment and within static reports. You are not required to provide any personal data as part of your survey responses. Any Personal Data you choose provide as part of the free text survey responses will be provided to Osborne Clarke as part of the aggregated results reporting by Yorizon.

If you have any questions regarding survey data processing, please contact the Privacy Team at <e-mail address privacy team>

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