Digital Experience Scan in MS Forms + Knowledge Documents

$1,795.00 Excluding tax

Discover valuable insights regarding end user satisfaction, IT support, digital skills, and behavior by leveraging the Digital Experience Scan. This innovative online questionnaire, which draws upon over 15 years of experience in measuring IT end user experience, allows organizations to gather end user feedback in a highly professional and efficient manner. Experience hassle-free data collection with the Digital Experience Scan, now accessible to all organizations.

  • Survey template with 42 pre-formatted questions
  • General Information & Resources document
  • User Manual (with two videos on how to set up the survey and how to export responses)
  • A guide to increase survey participation
  • Overcoming concerns document
  • Pre-formatted mail texts (for announcement, invitation and reminders)
  • Benchmarks

You will be granted accesss to Digital Experience Scan Portal.



Designed for ease of use, the Digital Experience Scan is created in Microsoft Forms, allowing seamless collaboration with your team to customize the survey and distribute it directly through Teams or Outlook. Rest assured, your questionnaire and data remain secure and confidential within your organization. With pre-formatted email text for targeted end-user invites, you can have the survey up and running in just 5 minutes!

  • Customization and branding possibilities
  • Share directly through Microsoft Outlook or Teams
  • Real-time collaboration with your team
  • Integrates well with Outlook and Teams
  • Default Language: English (with Multilingual Possibilities)

  • Response email notification
  • Create logic and flow with branching possibilities
  • User anonymity
  • Customized thank you responses
  • Generate response summary and real-time analytics
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