SIMA for IT Teams (English)

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Strategic IT Management Assessment (SIMA) for IT teams.

Online self-assessment for IT (management) teams. What is your joint opinion on the state of your IT organization? How does your perception differ from your team and from other organizations? Which priorities emerge? Register yourself and your team for the SIMA.

SIMA stands for Strategic IT Management Assessment. The basis of SIMA is an online questionnaire intended for IT (management) teams. You and your IT colleagues complete this questionnaire in just 15 minutes. The result is a personalized report that shows your perception of your team average and benchmark data from hundreds of IT managers and CIOs.

Intelligent questionnaire
The questionnaire has been developed on the basis of extensive quantitative and qualitative research with CIOs and IT management. The questions in the assessment are clustered in the following topics:

  • Your position in the organization
  • The IT within the organization in general
  • Satisfaction with IT from different perspectives
  • IT staff
  • IT end users (internal customers, colleagues)
  • IT experience of the external customer

Reporting and analysis
Each team member receives their own report of 30 pages with an extensive analysis of their own answers and comparison with the team and the benchmark.

IT Management benchmark
SIMA was developed in 2020 and uses a basic benchmark consisting of more than 200 IT managers.

Options for activation
In addition to SIMA, our consultants offer a tailor-made program consisting of workshops, presentations or in-depth research.

How does it work if you have ordered?
Please order for the number of team members (including yourself). After we have received registration and payment, we will contact you to receive the information necessary to send the online questionnaire. You can count on a lead time of a maximum of 2 working days.

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Today, IT is the backbone of every organization and, in fact, of the entire society. At Yorizon we believe that the inevitable digital transition can only be successful with motivated IT employees and enthusiastic users. In order to gain a thorough insight into the dynamics between IT management, IT employees, the business, end users and external customers, Yorizon conducted extensive research among CIOs and other IT experts. From these interviews, the need arose to compare one’s own organization with other IT organizations. The Strategic IT Management Assessment (SIMA) has been developed for this purpose.

You will receive an extensive report from the completed questionnaire. This report gives you a wide range of insights that are important for your IT organization. First of all, we will discuss your personal work experience. We then discuss the IT organization and the most important stakeholders. The report shows how the IT organization is doing compared to other IT organizations. It becomes clear where you are ahead of other organizations but also what should be improved. It gives an indication where the most important priorities should lie. This report can be used as input for a strategic discussion and as the start of an action plan. It will help you to bring the IT organization and its stakeholders (even) more into flow.


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