How satisfied are IT end users
about IT within your organization?

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IT Survey tool

Online IT Happiness Quickscan

  • Survey tool for measuring IT User Satisfaction
  • Do it yourself
  • Predefined best practice methodology
  • Predefined library of most used questions
  • From creation to rollout in less than 10 minutes
  • Setup, distribute, report and benchmark

Clever survey

  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to use sliders
  • Usable on any device: PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet – iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Users’ ability to give compliments and suggestions to improve
  • Anonymous
  • High response rates

Great insights

  • Real time online dashboard
  • Report on IT Happiness KPI
  • Results per user group
  • Qualitative information: open comments
  • Word Cloud
  • Benchmarking on overall IT Happiness Score

Basis for improvement

  • Use the power of positive feedback
  • Learn from improvement suggestions
  • Improve your IT exactly where and
    when it is needed
  • Baseline for monitoring results
  • Basis for in-depth follow-up measurement(s)

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The value

IT User Satisfaction Survey

Improve your IT exactly where and
when it is needed

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IT User Satisfaction Survey

Gather management information
for IT investments / divestments

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Employee Satisfaction

Increase productivity &
employee satisfaction

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“With the feedback from our IT end users we have identified and processed improvements in order to uplift our IT quality. I highly recommend the IT Happiness approach!”

Starbucks Coffee Company
Jan Willem Sewalt | Manager EMEA IT Operations Excellence Office

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