Strategic IT Management Assessment (SIMA)
Online self-assessment for CIOs & IT managers. What is your position compared to your IT management colleagues?

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You will receive a full report (31 pages).
About 200 CIOs and IT managers have already participated. The benchmark offers a comparison of the personal work experience as an IT manager, position, resources and knowledge of the IT organization, IT employees, end users and end customers.

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    What is SIMA?

    SIMA stands for Strategic IT Management Assessment. The basis of SIMA is an online questionnaire intended for managers of IT departments. The result is a personalized report that gives you a wide range of insights that are important for the IT organization. We use benchmark data from hundreds of IT managers and CIOs.

    SIMA was developed for you. Where do you stand in relation to your team and to other IT managers?

    Intelligent questionnaire

    The questionnaire has been developed on the basis of extensive quantitative and qualitative research with CIOs and IT management.

    Reporting & analysis

    You will receive your own 30-page SIMA report with an extensive analysis of your own answers and comparison with the benchmark.

    IT Management Benchmark

    SIMA was developed in 2020 and uses a basic benchmark consisting of 187 IT managers.

    Advisory services

    In addition to SIMA, our consultants offer a tailor-made program consisting of workshops, presentations or in-depth research.

    The topics of the SIMA questionnaire:

    The report gives you a wide range of insights that are important for the IT organization. First of all, your personal work experience and then we discuss the IT organization and the most important stakeholders. The report shows how you and your IT organization are doing compared to other IT managers and IT organizations. The report can be used as input for a strategic discussion and as a start of an action plan.