Thank you again for joining our webinar on January 26 where we discussed:

What will IT Happiness be in 2022?

Cees-Pieter den Hartog
Cees-Pieter den HartogYorizon CEO & Founder
As the founder and director I am leading Yorizon and I am responsible for the development of customer value and customer success: development of sharing knowlegde and experience to clients in the various stages of a collaboration:

▶️ Helping to define a roadmap for collecting and using feedback from various stakeholders
▶️ Active involvement in customer projects
▶️ Advice in communication and using the IT management information

Rijn Vogelaar
Rijn VogelaarYorizon Research Director
As a social psychologist I am fascinated by the way people think and behave. My main interest is the subject of enthusiasm. I study the dynamics of enthusiasm scientifically at Leiden University and I help organisations to fire up the enthusiasm of their customers and employees.