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Over the past few years, employees who work with IT-related hardware and software have become accustomed to workflow interruptions. These interruptions may come In the form of slow computers, or applications requiring updates. Whichever form it may be, these negative IT interruptions can cause complications and setbacks which have a significantly larger effect on a company than just productivity loss.

Given the severity of this issue, it is important to learn as well as talk about it. As such, Yorizon is happy to announce that we are hosting a webinar on the 28th of September on IT and the impact it can have on productivity.

During the webinar, Mr. Rijn Vogelaar, Research Director of Yorizon, will share key insights from his own research on IT & productivity (loss). Thereafter, insights gathered from our clients will be shared.

We feel confident that these insights taken together will allow for an interesting and valuable webinar. As such, if you are a manager, employee, or professional who has felt the stresses of an IT problem, join us to learn about it, and hopefully, improve on it!

We hope to see you there!