We create awareness about the importance of IT for the physical and mental disposition of employees, and we enable your company to leverage IT to deepen customer loyalty, improve their daily experiences, and find new ways to keep thriving.


No one would question the importance of information technology in today’s society. Nowadays, most people spend their working days in front of a computer screen. We use mobile devices on a daily basis to communicate, help our clients, find information or navigate to our destination.

IT is also becoming increasingly dominant in our private lives. At home, we sometimes feel like an IT manager when we have to make sure all the devices are working. The importance of IT will only grow further in the coming years. People who are unable to keep up run the risk of losing their jobs and becoming isolated. Those who adapt fastest to modern technology will thrive and their lives will become more and more comfortable and fulfilling.

Scientific research shows that access to information technology generally makes people happier and more productive, but that the introduction of new technologies also causes stress and frustration (Graham & Nikolova, 2012). Awareness of the impact of IT on well-being and happiness is important. It ensures that it is given priority in the boardroom and makes the higher goal of people working in IT clear. IT has a significant impact on employees’ enjoyment of life, motivation and productivity. It also directly or indirectly influences the customer experience and the competitive position. It can make or break organizations. So it is time to take IT Happiness seriously!

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