The Digital Experience Scan

Unlock valuable insights into your organization’s technology infrastructure and employees’ satisfaction with our ready-to-use, online survey. Our meticulously designed survey measures experience and satisfaction with IT services, tools, and application, alongside the effective utilization of technology across your entire workforce. 

IT end user dashboard with IT Happiness KPI

Do you aim to learn from your end users in order to gain a better understanding and improve their digital workplace experience?

Experience the power of the Digital Experience Scan: an online, ready-to-use questionnaire designed to help organizations thrive in the ever-changing technological landscape. Gather valuable insights on end user satisfaction, IT support, digital skills, and behavior, empowering you to identify improvement areas, optimize digital workplaces, and foster a more productive workplace for all stakeholders.

4 Core Modules of our Questionnaire

The Digital Experience Scan is grounded in our framework consisting of four modules, which draws upon decades of expertise in feedback gathering and IT end user experience.

Digital Workplace

Discover your organization’s experience with standard hardware, office applications, business applications, and IT department communication.

IT Support

Although we may have all the right resources (internet connectivity, tools and apps, and digital skills), it is crucially important to understand how IT support is perceived and valued by the employees.

IT Skills

The quality of one’s digital workplace experience is strongly tied to their knowledge and skills, as well as the availability of reliable sources of information for managing their work environment.

Digital Behavior

Measuring digital wellbeing goes beyond understanding work-related device usage. Our questionnaire considers elements such as personal device usage, digital diet, and social behavior.


Designed for ease of use, the Digital Experience Scan is created in Microsoft Forms, giving you the freedom to personalize and distribute the questionnaire at your convenience. Rest assured, your questionnaire and data remain secure and confidential within your organization. With pre-formatted email text for targeted end-user invites, you can have the survey up and running in just 5 minutes!

Unlock the full potential of the Digital Experience Scan with its range of powerful features:

  • Pre-formatted in MS Forms, ready-to-use questionnaire

  • Customization and branding possibilities
  • Integrates well with Outlook and Teams
  • Default language: English (with multilingual possibilities)

  • Share questionnaire to any channel
  • Response email notification
  • Create logic and flow with branching possibilities
  • User anonymity
  • Customized thank you responses
  • Generate response summary and real-time analytics
Digital Wellbeing Scan in Forms Questionnaire


Questionnaire Support

Benefit from the value of the Digital Experience Scan. Get started in just 5 minutes and propel your organization towards a healthier, more productive digital workspace.

What you will get:

  • Survey template with 42 pre-formatted questions
  • General Information & Resources document
  • User Manual (with two videos on how to set up the survey and how to export responses)
  • A guide to increase survey participation
  • Overcoming concerns document
  • Pre-formatted mail texts (for announcement, invitation and reminders)
  • Benchmarks

Here’s why you should prioritize digital experience:

  • Enhanced Productivity and Engagement: Employees who feel supported and satisfied with their digital workplace and IT support are more likely to be productive, engaged, and motivated. This leads to higher work efficiency and reduced work-related stress and burnout, promoting overall well-being.

  • Work-Life Balance and Mental Health: By promoting healthy technology usage and encouraging employees to disconnect from work, organizations can foster a culture that values work-life balance. This approach improves mental health, reduces stress levels, and increases job satisfaction among employees.

  • Attracting and Retaining Talent: Prioritizing Digital Well-being and IT Happiness can help organizations attract and retain top talent. In today’s digital age, employees seek organizations that prioritize their well-being and provide a positive work environment. By investing in these areas, organizations differentiate themselves and become employers of choice.

  • Increased IT User Satisfaction: The functioning of the IT department directly impacts overall organizational productivity. Research shows that employees waste an average of 7.6% of their computer time due to poorly functioning IT and a lack of training. Improving IT user satisfaction through Digital Wellbeing and IT Happiness initiatives leads to more efficient and effective IT services.

  • Employee-driven Innovation: Engaged and satisfied IT end users actively contribute to suggesting improvements and driving innovation within the organization. Their enthusiasm and constructive criticism play a vital role in implementing changes, such as IT migrations, new portals, and centralized IT service desks. This involvement adds value to the organization.

  • Improved IT Service Effectiveness: By addressing recurring errors and problems, organizations can enhance the effectiveness of their IT departments. This reduces pressure within the IT service organization and allows for a focus on structural improvements rather than constantly dealing with repetitive issues.

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