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Hi! We are Yorizon

We are an established and specialized research company and provider of performance evaluations dedicated to helping you optimize your digital employee experience and digital well-being as a result.

We envision workplaces where technology empowers joy and innovation, making every digital interaction delightful. 

Let’s meet our expert guides!
Project Manager

Ademira's tip for digital well-being is to manage digital distractions.

Marketing Manager

Cally's tip for digital well-being is to completely disconnect after working hours.


Cees-Pieter’s tip for digital well-being is to take 5-minute screen breaks every hour.

Project Support Officer

Dominique’s tip for digital well-being is to subscribe to a mindfulness app for daily use.

Project Manager

Jasper's tip for digital well-being is to be intentional about digital consumption.

Project Support Officer

Kate's tip for digital well-being is to promote awareness in the workplace.

Reporting Consultant

Paul's tip for digital well-being is to do more in-person meetings.

Associate Consultant

Rijn's tip for digital well-being is to limit notifications and screen-time.

Technology Manager

Ronald’s tip for digital well-being is to establish 'no-email' hours after work.

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We guide you to creating the best digital environment for your organization.

Our mission is to help you make your digital workplace easy and exciting for everyone. 

With our research knowledge, proven tooling and consultancy expertise, we are well-equipped to support organizations at various stages of digital maturity. 

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