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About Yorizon

Yorizon is the leading provider of IT service performance evaluation and measurement, boasting over two decades of expertise. Based in the Netherlands, we serve organizations worldwide.

Privacy and Security

Our ISO 27001-certified tools ensure secure and accurate data collection, while our state-of-the-art dashboards powered by QlikSense provide a clear and comprehensive view of your research results. Our online dashboard and management reports deliver the real-time answers you need.

Our Expertise

With more than twenty years of experience, we serve organizations of all sizes, globally. Our diverse customer base spans numerous industries and includes both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Getting Started

Ready to start your digital transformation? Tell us a bit about your organization and request a quotation today! We will be in touch with you soon.

Survey Topics

Our survey covers a wide range of topics to gather comprehensive insights into various aspects of your digital employee experience. These topics include general satisfaction, hardware and accessories, network performance, office and business applications, IT support, IT training, IT communication, innovation, productivity, and digital skills.


It can take up to three months from the kickoff of a project until the survey is live. From the kickoff, we move to the onboarding and implementation phase, where the contents of the survey, segmentation, texts, and technical implementations are defined and executed. Weekly sync meetings are planned up until the go-live of the survey to stay aligned and answer questions.
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All results from our surveys are ready for analysis in a BI dashboard built on Qlik Sense technology: YORT.QS. Generally speaking, access to the dashboard is made available in the first week after the start of the fieldwork.
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We offer an unparalleled suite of expertise and consultancy services designed to strengthen your IT management capabilities and digital employee experience.
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For whom?

Our ready-to-use self-service surveys are meant for organizationswith less than 1000 end users who have limited resources for large-scale feedback collection but need insights to Our ready-to-use self-service surveys are designed for organizations with fewer than 1000 end users who have limited resources for large-scale feedback collection but need insights to drive business decisions. These surveys are easy to deploy and manage, providing a cost-effective solution for gathering valuable user feedback and improving engagement without extensive IT support.


We continuously develop research and survey topics to meet all your digital employee experience needs, such as IT Happiness Scan, AI Readiness Scan, Learning & Development Evaluation, and more.
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How to Order

You can order our Free and Basic plans and consultancy services directly from the shop. For the Managed Program, you must request a quotation on the product pages found in the shop.

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