Evaluate and Benchmark Digital Experience

Evaluate and Benchmark Digital Experience

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Why is this important?

Make informed decisions, improve IT performance

Whether you’re keen on optimizing IT end user experience or making data-driven decisions about your digital infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive approach ranges from crafting targeted IT surveys to in-depth analysis. Leveraging years of experience in IT service performance measurement, we offer both a holistic as well as a detailed perspective on your organization’s digital employee experience.

Your challenges

No factual insights about end-user experience
No continuous PDCA cycle for IT performance improvement
Feedback based on hearsay cannot be used for prioritization
Insufficient resources and expertise to collect and analyze employee feedback

Our deliverables

Actionable insights to enhance digital workplace satisfaction
Understand employee needs for targeted digital solution improvements
Data-driven decisions bolster IT efficiency and user productivity
Insightful feedback fosters innovation in digital workplace development
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How does it work?

We guide you step by step

Define Approach
Taking into account the specifics of your current digital workplace environment, along with your strategic objectives, information needs, and development roadmap, we provide tailored advice on the most effective approach. This includes defining the scope of the survey project to ensure it aligns with your goals, identifying the management information necessary for different stakeholders.
Onboarding and Kick-Off
We'll discuss our methodology with your team, clarifying each stage for transparency. Alignment will be sought on content, target employees, data security, and specific timelines. Often, our process begins with a baseline survey, succeeded by regular trend surveys to monitor developments, ensuring all aspects are comprehensively covered within a framework of strict confidentiality and timely execution.
Execution & Project Management
A dedicated project lead will guide and assist you at every step, supported by a project support team and a customer success manager. Any changes, extra requirements, or analyses needed will be promptly addressed.
Data analyses & reports
We will supply a range of reports tailored to your requirements. Key insights are accessible via the QlikSense BI technology tool, to which you'll have access. Additionally, we offer regular trend reports and customized reports that leverage your organization's data to analyze how your changes affect end-user experience.
Advice and Consultancy
We offer consultancy, presentations, and participation in leadership team meetings, providing recorded videos with findings interpretations or live advice. We consider benchmark data and share best practices from various industries in change management and communication.

10 Steps to Create a Positive IT Environment & Boost Productivity

In today’s fast-paced digital workplace, a positive IT environment isn’t just nice to have; it’s essential for fostering productivity and employee satisfaction. Here’s a comprehensive guide to creating a more positive atmosphere within your IT department:

1. Measure IT User Satisfaction

Begin with the basics by gauging how satisfied your users are with the IT services provided. Use simple surveys to gather feedback. This initial step establishes a baseline and helps identify areas needing improvement.

2. Benchmark Your Performance

Compare your results with other IT departments to understand where you stand. This perspective can highlight strengths and pinpoint areas where your department might be lagging behind.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Aiming for perfection can set you up for disappointment. Treat your initial satisfaction scores as a starting point for continuous improvement, not as a final verdict.

4. Focus on Achievements

It’s important to focus on what’s working well. Highlighting these successes can motivate your team and build confidence in your IT department’s capabilities.

5. Measure Frequently

Regular feedback is key to continuous improvement. Conducting short, frequent surveys (monthly or quarterly) helps track progress and respond promptly to the needs of your users.

6. ...

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