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closeup asian man looking at screen while in online team meeting
closeup asian man looking at screen while in online team meeting

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Setting the digital horizon

Currently no understanding of how digital tools impact daily workflows and employee productivity.

Employees use basic digital office tools and business applications for fundamental tasks, lacking advanced integration and functionalities.

Focus is on defining digital transformation goals to boost efficiency and minimize unproductive employee time, creating a roadmap for future progress.

Building the bridge

Management increasingly recognizes the importance of end-user experience, leading to better-informed technology decisions.

The organization integrates and automates systems to streamline operations and reduce manual tasks across departments.

A responsive and adaptive strategy for digital employee experience is developed through systems that collect and analyze user feedback on digital tools.

Optimizing wellbeing

A feedback loop is established for continuous refinement of digital tools and processes, aligning them more closely with employee needs.

Digital enhancements focus on improving employee wellbeing and satisfaction through features designed to support work-life balance and reduce stress.

Focus shifts to maintaining a digital environment that boosts the overall digital health of the organization.

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