With Happiness in IT as our central paradigm, our approach is aimed at helping both IT departments as well as MSP’s to improve the overall IT satisfaction and productivity of employees.

Why is this so important?

IT Happiness relates to employee productivity, and in turn to the success of the business. 

We provide you with the crucial insights to increase IT Happiness


  • Access to our online reporting platform allowing you to discover trends and developments

  • Compare your IT Happiness score with other companies and organizations.

“With the feedback from our IT end users we have identified and processed improvements in order
to uplift our IT quality”

Starbucks Coffee Company
Jan Willem sewalt | Manager Emea IT Operations Excellence Office

With the results we are able to drill down on regions, countries, different user groups etc. while being able to get insights into the satisfaction, the developments over time.”

Alfa Laval
Roger Bengtsson | Head of Service Delivery, Corporate IT

We have experienced Yorizon as a knowledgeable and reliable partner in conducting the survey programm for us; both in their project approach and execution they have shown expertise from which we could enjoy the best practices from many other companies”.

Volker Laska | CIO

“We will keep conducting frequent surveys with Yorizon to keep learning and acting upon the results in a continuously changing IT workplace.

Olivier Guyer | Head of IT Service & Process Management:

Starbucks IT User Satisfaction
Maersk IT User Satisfaction
Roche IT User Satisfaction
Canon IT User Satisfaction
AirFranceKLM IT User Satisfaction

Measure and improve IT Satisfaction and productivity

Yorizon provides you with the ultimate end user feedback monitoring program
to learn how to increase IT Happiness and productivity.


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