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The IT Happiness Program

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Tailor-made survey program for your

IT management and end user ambitions

The IT Happiness Program (ITHP) is a comprehensive managed service gathering invaluable insights into the end user and digital employee experience, forming the bedrock for actionable improvements. The program embodies two decades of revolutionary analysis in IT service performance.

Our team of experts is here to guide you through each step, ensuring a systematic and effective strategy for success.

With the ITHP, feedback becomes an integral element of your management information stream, enabling timely interventions and enhancements tailored to genuine needs. Every organization treads a unique path, and our metrics-driven approach ensures that our recommendations resonate with your unique goals and challenges.

What is IT Happiness?

IT Happiness refers to the overall satisfaction, wellbeing, and positive experiences that end-users have with their digital workplace, IT support, digital skills and behaviors. We aim to measure and improve these components to ensure a healthy IT organization, increase productivity, reduce work-related stress, and foster a positive work environment. It emphasizes the importance of continuously assessing the end-users’ digital well-being to identify opportunities for growth and development, promote healthy technology usage, and ensure smooth operations. IT Happiness is a critical aspect of ensuring the success of an organization’s IT operations and the satisfaction of its employees.

Quantifying IT Pains 

A combination of “Poorly functioning IT systems” and “inadequate digital skills” leads to notable productivity losses. For 1,000 IT users working 20 hours weekly at €27/hour for 48 weeks, there’s a 7.6% efficiency drop, equaling a €1.9 million annual loss.

Employees face IT issues 1.7 times weekly on average, with less tech-savvy individuals facing them 2.5 times. Solving these takes about 35 minutes each. Assisting colleagues might seem helpful, but it results in considerable lost productivity and increased IT costs, especially when digitally proficient workers aid less tech-inclined peers.

The value of IT Happiness

Continuous feedback on IT Happiness is crucial in today’s digital-centric organizations. Traditional yearly or bi-annual feedback falls short, lacking real-time insight. Instead, consistent feedback, especially during significant IT or organizational shifts, grants IT leaders immediate understanding of user adaptability and needs.

This constant loop ensures a digital workplace that’s always in tune with its users, promoting a culture centered on service, user satisfaction, and overall IT well-being. By prioritizing consistent feedback, organizations create a foundation for enhanced performance and satisfaction.

Frequent insights, developments and trends of your digital employee experience.

 End User Experience Questionnaire

Make use of the best practice IT end user questionnaire content & format for end user satisfaction with the digital workplace.

Proven approach for end user feedback

Knowledge, technology, methodologies, best-practices, professional design and benchmarking to match your information needs & objectives.

Dashboard, Reports and benchmarks

Compelling interactive reports and dashboards including benchmark data that enable you to define objectives and actions.

Interpretation & knowledge sharing

Interpretation of results by our specialists in frequent one-to-one web meetings. Knowledge sharing in to drive actions.

Key topics

Survey frequencies to fit any needs


  • Learn the organization, the systems and the ICT infrastructure
  • Discuss approach, process and timelines
  • Tailoring the questionnaire
  • Translations
  • Configure
  • Security settings
  • Test
  • Share communication templates


Annual trend survey program

  • Baseline measurement: 100% of the user base
  • Distribution of the survey
  • Data collection and hosting
  • Reports
  • Dashboard access
  • Presentation after baseline survey
  • Annual trend measurements 100% of the user base


Monthly trend survey program

  • Baseline measurement: 1/12 of the user base
  • Monthly distribution of the survey
  • data collection and hosting
  • Reports
  • Dashboard access
  • Presentation after first month
  • Monthly trend measurements 1/12 of the user base
  • Monthly Sync meetings
  • Quarterly in-depth analyses and advice

Attractive reports and dashboards to provide valuable and actionable information.

All survey findings are accessible through an online platform, which is powered by QlikSense® technology. YORT is for IT managers to monitor performance within their IT environment, giving them both a high level view as well as the ability to drill down into the granular details of the IT performance.

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