Our mission is to help increase digital well-being for individuals and organizations by fostering a positive end user experience, facilitating productive technology usage, and encouraging healthy tech habits.

Yorizon is a research company and provider of IT service performance evaluation and measurement, with over two decades of expertise. We provide insights to enhance understanding of how technology contributes to the employee experience with digital tools and services, while also facilitating and enhancing productive and healthy technology usage.



Digital employee experience tools like question sets and supporting guidelines.

Best practices survey methodology, design, survey approach and communication

Full service IT survey and reporting solutions with cutting-edge survey technology

Management dashboard, CIO and IT Management Reports, benchmarking and consultancy services

Our specialists work closely with your organization to gather data and analyze the digital experiences of employees

By working with us, your organization will have a clear understanding of what your employees experience and expect from the provided IT services, tools and applications.

Cees-Pieter den Hartog


Meet our amazing project team

“We’re proud to offer personalized, hands-on support to help bring your project to life”.

Jasper van der Schoot

Project Manager

Ademira Besovic

Project Manager

Martijn Bosveld

Project Manager

Kate Svishcheva

Project Support Officer

Dominique Linhares

Project Support Officer

Babet de Wit

Project Support Officer

Paul Selous

Reporting Consultant

Ronald Koeckhoven

Technology Manager & Customer Success

With our advanced automated processes, and a team that’s always ready to work closely with you, you can trust Yorizon to deliver unparalleled results

Rijn Vogelaar

Research Director

Wouter van den Bosch

HR & Finance

We are proud to work with exceptional organizations from all over the world

Our offices are situated within the iconic Van Nelle Fabriek building, which boasts a rich history of innovation and creativity. Recognized globally, the building has been listed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage list since 2014. This distinguished designation highlights the significance of the building as a cultural and architectural landmark, reflecting the innovative spirit that pervades our workspace.

Company info

Yorizon BV
Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Phone: +31-102409088 (CET business hours)

Company no..: 24 4392870000

VAT no.: NL8196.76.342.B01

E-mail: info@yorizongroup.com

Yorizon BV is member of the Dutch IT Industry Association ‘NLdigital’.